What are the top graphic designing Institutes in India ?


With the escalating importance of presentation, degrees of Graphic Designing got a lot of patrons. Owing to this point, a lot of Graphic design Institutes in India have mushroomed. But are all these colleges worth it? When quantity increases, quality suffers a lot. So, it becomes necessary to find which are the top graphic designing institutes in India?

In order to know which institutes fall under this banner, one needs to find out these attributes:

  1. Ranking and Awards: The first impression that the college is going to leave on anyone is the number of prizes and awards won by it. The more awards, the better the college. So, male sure to see the hall of fame of that college and then choose wisely.
  1. Placement Records: The main reason behind a person going to college is to get a job. One cannot just head to college without feeling sure about getting a job. So, it becomes important to know the placement record of the college. And if the college has an impressive placement record then it surely comes under the banner of the best graphic designing institutes in India.
  1. International outreach: Colleges that have global reach are surely going to shine better. So, you need to look out for those colleges which have impressive international exchange programs. If the colleges offer this program under their curriculum, then it surely falls among the top graphic designing institutes in India.
  1. Industry-academia interface: Colleges must focus on practical learning along with theoretical. So, the industry-academia interface is an essential part of prestigious colleges.

All these points along with advanced curriculum and well-furnished laboratories make the college a prestigious one. CGC Landran is one such college that falls in the category of the top colleges in India as it incorporates all of the above-mentioned points. So, one can go pick this college as well while choosing from the best institutes.

Mechanical Engineering scope in India

Mechanical Engineering has a voluminous scope not only in India but all around the world. This discipline has been an active player in the creation and formation of the modern hi-tech world. From construction works to the automobile industry, it has helped different companies in coming up with something new and innovative. 

The year on year expansion of the domain has made it one of the most remunerative disciplines out there. Mechanical Engineers have a lot of career opportunities in India as there are a lot of companies that can become the landing destination for students with Mechanical degrees. The list of companies includes big names like Tata Group, Thermax, Godrej, Mahindra & Mahindra, BHEL, Indian Oil, etc. 

Mechanical Engineers can play different roles in these companies. There are various job profiles on which the students can serve. They can work as Automotive engineers, heating and cooling systems engineer, robotics engineer, material engineer, control & instrumentation engineer, nuclear engineer, etc.

So, in short, Mechanical Engineering has a great scope, all you need is the support of one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in India. Getting the best jobs in this field can become real smooth with the help of the best mechanical engineering colleges in India. CGC Landran is one such college that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and so, it can become your choice too.

Which is the best Engineering College under PTU?

Numerous colleges in North India are affiliated to PTU. Each college has something different to offer and so one cannot pick the best one randomly. One has to see which features the colleges have and what facilities are being put forth by them. 

The list of colleges under PTU is very long and some of the best names of educational institutes are included in this list. However, finding the best engineering college under PTU can become real easy by just knowing some of the different features of different institutes. The best engineering college would be the one that has great research and development facilities, impressive placement drives, international exposure, and many other lucrative programs. 

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is an institute that has all of the aforementioned features and it has the best placement record in the region. Many of the agencies and ranking institutes have awarded it as the best engineering college in Punjab and even in North India. 

So, in a way, it can be said that CGC Landran is one of the Best Engineering colleges under PTU. It has received more than 6600 placement offers with 35 LPA being the highest package. It also has alliances with more than 45 companies. In addition to this, the college welcomes more than 691 companies every year that comes to recruit all the talented students of the college. 

Why CGC Landran is the best Engineering Colleges In Punjab

The colleges that are said to be the Best Engineering Colleges in Punjab sure do have something more to offer than the mainstream colleges. There are a lot of institutes that might be providing the best education but what is the use of if one cannot leave college with a decent job in hand?

So, here CGC Landran focuses on shaping the future of the students right after they conclude their degree. And for the same, it has put forth many facilities that would help students as well as teachers in bringing the best out of them. Realizing that research has a great role to play in academics, the college has kept pace with the trends and has set up a dedicated department that takes care of all the research-related activities. 

The college also has set up a Placement cell that supervises all the placement related activities and also provides training and development programs, undergoing which the students will be able to crack the interviews. It also has different international programs using which the students can spend some time in partnered universities around the world. 

In addition to these aforementioned facilities, the college also has alliances with all other companies through which it provides industrial training to the students so that they would be able to get a gist of what it is like to actually work in the industry. 

Best College For Engineering

Engineering is a worthwhile degree in present times. With a lot of career opportunities appended to this degree, this becomes one of the best career options in 2020. For ensuring a brighter future, you need to just pick the Best College for Engineering

The best college will be the one that takes into account the different needs of the students. These needs include placement drives, top-notch companies as recruiters, international exposure, global alliances, and various other opportunities to connect more with the possible opportunities across the globe. 

Also, the students need a college that would not only provide advanced educational experience but will also be able to help them grasp the practical learning experience via different media like laboratories, industrial training and visits involving big companies. 

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is a college of this sort. It surely provides all of the abovementioned opportunities and facilities that would help students learn and grasp the advanced postulates of the industry. This makes CGC Landran one of the best engineering colleges in India and hence, can become your choice. 

Best MBA College in Punjab

CGC Landran is the Best MBA College in Punjab that offers MBA in four different specializations namely Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology. 

Being the Best MBA College in Punjab, CGC Landran offers theoretical and experiential learning through aided classrooms. 

CGC Landran, being the Best MBA college in Punjab, has so far received 6314 placement offers with 30.25 LPA being the highest. 

After completing the MBA degree from CGC Landran, the students can get placed in highly reputed organizations.     

B.Com colleges in Punjab

There are different B.Com Colleges in Punjab that offer the program with different provisions and features. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is one such college that offers a three-year B.Com degree. 

Being one of the best B.Com Colleges in Punjab, the college offers the best pedagogy where practical and theoretical courses go hand in hand. 

It is one of those B.Com Colleges in Punjab that has become the leader in placement. The college has received 6314 placement offers with 30.25 LPA as the highest package. 

The college has a robust training mechanism and strong alumni portfolio with more than 28000 students working at various positions across the globe. 

Confectionery Courses

Different colleges in Chandigarh, Punjab offer Confectionery Courses. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is one of those colleges that offer a Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

With the provision of training sessions and industrial exposure, this becomes one of the best Confectionery courses in Chandigarh, Punjab. 

Pursuing the best Confectionery courses in Chandigarh, Punjab can help you get jobs in reputed hotels/restaurants/kitchens. 

CGC Landran with its confectionery courses can help you become competent for working at any designation in the hospitality industry. 

B.Com colleges in Chandigarh

There are a lot of B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh. All of them claim to be the best but can one crown a specific college as ‘The Best’? So, we can say that there is a category named ‘the best colleges’ under which different colleges fall and CGC Landran is one of them.

CGC Landran is one of the best B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh that has received a lot of ranking and awards. The college is the undisputed king of placements, that has received about 6314 placement offers with 31.77 LPA being the highest.

CGC Landran has also helped students in getting exposed to industrial working standards. The college, so, provides an industry-academia interface under which the students learn the current industrial trends.

If you are trying to get admission in one of the best B.Com Colleges in Chandigarh, you can surely choose CGC Landran.

Scope of B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

In the modern world, where life is fast, nutrition has lost its value. The world is facing a food crisis and there is a need for a field of study that can provide the solutions. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics is one such field that can provide so.

B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics is a degree that helps candidates become competent in tackling food-related problems.

The best part about this degree is that this degree provides a lot of career opportunities to the candidates. But the main condition is that the college from which you are pursuing the degree must be a reputed one.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is one such college that offers a four-year degree in B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, completing which the students will be able to write a better future. So, you can consider CGC Landran while choosing the best college.

Engineering College Fees

The affordable and reasonable CGC Landran Fee Structure makes it easy for the students to tap into an academic sphere that is of superior quality. The college has structured the fees for different programs while keeping different economic backgrounds in mind. 

The detailed CGC Landran Fee Structure can be found on the official website of Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran. The best part about studying at CGC Landran is that you can avail scholarships as well!

The different facilities such as CGC Landran Fee Structure, Placements, Training programs, international exposure, etc have helped the college reach the zenith and receive numerous honorary awards. 

If you are trying to get quality education under the program banners of Engineering, Computer Application, Management, Hotel Management, Education, Pharmacy, and Biotechnology, the college has arranged all within an affordable CGC Landran Fee Structure.