Career Prospects and Scope of B.Sc.Biotechnology Course in India

Biotechnology, a mixture of a lot of many streams, is the best option for those who wish to make a strong career on the global level. Biotechnology Courses vary a lot. Biotechnology courses vary a lot. Some people choose the stream animal husbandry, some choose agricultural engineering. But there is one course that is B.Sc. Biotech which subsumes the gist of all these niches.

Having occupied a lot of things, it becomes full of scope. After completing the degree, the students can get jobs in various fields and they can take up various job profiles. The most remunerative job profiles after B.Sc. Biotech includes Biochemist, Biological/Clinical Technician, Marketing Manager, Microbiologist, Biomedical Engineer, Business Development Manager, Lecturer, Medical Scientist, Biotech Product Analyst, Biomanufacturing Specialists, Process Development Scientist, Research Scientist, and Research Associate.

The candidates can also work in the pharmaceutical companies, biotech industries, clinical research centers, etc. If you want to stay in touch with academics, you can choose the teaching profession. This way you would be able to fulfill two different wishes: You will enjoy teaching on one hand and research on the other.

In India, there are quite many government jobs in the science field. By appearing in and qualifying the respective exams, you can secure a government job.

All in all, this degree has a voluminous scope. So, pursue this degree and make sure that you pick one of the Best Biotech Colleges in India to do so.  

Graphic designing or web designing-which one is better?

Graphic Designing and web designing are very closely aligned. There is a tough competition when it comes to knowing which one is better. Some might think that web designing and graphic designing are almost the same but in actual, web designing includes a wider area of knowledge. Before telling which one is better, let’s first see what both are about.

Graphic Designing: Under the banner of graphic designing, the candidates learn to make execute the ideas with the help of art. The designs become the style statements for companies and hence, the graphic designer caters to this need of the company. The graphic designers make brochures, posters, charts, etc, are made by them. They do not work directly on the website.

Web Designing: The websites made today are tailored. They are made in sync with the company’s ideology, its themes, its business, etc. Also, the website designs need to be put online and so the designer needs to know coding, HTML, etc.

Comparing both of the streams, it gets clear that the work in both of these is quite similar. There is no basis of comparison as both are identical and there is only a slight difference.

If someone is interested in making graphic designing his or her career, he/she should choose a degree course which combines both of these niches. Fortunately, there is a degree called Bachelor of Graphic & Web Designing. Consequently, willing candidates can choose this degree and save the hassle of comparing both.

Here’s why Biotechnology Degree can be a good career option

“Biotechnology” is a combination of Biology (Life & living procedures) and technology. To be more detailed, it is a concoction of biology, engineering, and design. Biotechnology has become the solution to almost everything nowadays. The medical advancements such as stem cell research, Human Genome project, CRISPR, etc, are the results of Biotechnology discipline.  Biotechnology degree can help you in shaping a brilliant career ahead. If you are taking Biotechnology as your course, you need to know how it can become a good career option.

As the world takes one step forward for the betterment of agriculture, animals, plants and almost every living being, it becomes a degree of quite a remuneration. So, choosing it can open great avenues.

The various career options available after Biotechnology Degree are as follows:

Research and development: We can say that research and development is the heart and soul of the Biotech industry. The more one keeps on digging the facts, the more the results they get. Research and Development have been a work area for a lot of people. And you can also make it your area of expertise. In pharmaceutical and biotech companies, there is always a need for a research associate. If you like to further in the industry, you can enter this sector.

Quality affairs: Quality cannot be compromised. When one aims at keeping quality the priority then one needs to have a quality assurance department. Also, when it comes to the health of people, quality can not be ignored and that is the reason behind companies having this department. So, the candidates can enter this department as well.

Microbiology: A very common name and a very important sector—Microbiology is widely popular. Microbiology is the study of microscopic life form—the bacteria, viruses, etc. In the present time, the studies are being conducted for searching medical solution via microorganisms.

Teaching: Hey, how are we supposed to learn all without teachers? Biotechnology is all about learning more and researching more. So, if you are quite a helper you can join the teaching profession and can become professors in colleges and universities.

Apart from all the said areas, you can also join the government jobs pertinent to the degree by qualifying the exams.

Why CGC Landran is among the Best B Schools in India?

CGC Landran stretched its wings in the year 2001 and since then, it has managed to fly high. The college has been on a roll for quite a few times – the accolades and titles won by it provide the alibi for the same. CGC is quite famous when it comes to building a bright future of the students. The college has always made strides to stand apart from the crowd. So, it becomes the reason behind it serving as one of the best B schools in India. However, there are more aspects which have enabled the institute to be so. These include:

Global outreach: CGC Landran has abridged the students to the outside world. There are a plethora of options for the CGC students as they can get exposed to the sea full of options. It becomes one of the best B schools by simply providing the growth options to the students. The students have participated in international competitions. Also, the students get a chance to study in international universities via students exchange programs.

Placements: CGC is best known for placement and packages. The college has so far received about 6314 placement offers where the highest package is of 31.77 LPA. Notable names like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc, become the recruiters.

Industrial exposure: The college has tie-ups with more than 30 companies and with the help of this, it helps the students in getting industrial trainings across fields. The students aspiring to enter managerial services also get great chances to explore their options beforehand.

Besides these options, the students get nonpareil education. The theoretical and experiential postulates of the subjects are well-taught to the students via different means. In these ways, CGC Landran becomes one of the best b schools in India.

What is the scope in travel and tourism and how to make a career in it?

Travel and Tourism industry is on a roll in contemporary times. It is an era of wanderlust where everyone plans a trip around the world. So, every evidently, the current trends have helped this sector grow manifolds. With being the central interest of hundreds of thousands of people, the travel industry has become a hot favorite among those trying to shape a better future.

Under this segment of the hospitality industry, the students can either work under someone or can leap forward to start their travel agency. There are many companies which prepare the tour/travel packages for people and they are always on a hunt of people.

So, within the industry, the students can become recreation attendant, Concierge, Cruise ship in charge, Curator, office administrator, Recreation worker, chauffeur, Tour and travel guide, etc.

To be so, the students ought to opt for those courses which are pertinent to the field. All those who aspire to join the travel and tourism industry must know that in the present time, a lot of colleges offer degrees/courses relative to the field.

Some of the courses which help you land in this field include B.Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, and Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management. So, join one of the best hotel management colleges in India and get ready to experience the opening of new avenues.

Nutrition & Dietetics (Dietician) Careers Courses

Whether you live a healthy life is up to your diet, genetics and of course, exercising patterns. Since times immemorial, we have known that food has a very strong effect on our lives. Everything we eat has some consequence; can be good, can be bad. Nutrition and Dietetics need to be studied in order to know the patterns.

So, they introduced nutrition and dietetics course to numerous countries around the world. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics have become one of the most desired courses of this sort. In this course, the students learn about different diets and the nutritional quotient attached to them. Also, they learn the ways in which food can be used to eradicate or at least minimize the disease/problem.

Since dieticians are present almost everywhere nowadays, the scope of this discipline has expanded. With this degree in hand, the student can work in the spheres such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Wellness and prevention, Drug de-addiction and many more. Also, the students can easily enter and prosper in the fields such as education weight management, curing development disabilities, eating disorder management, food culinary and supermarkets management.

There is always a need of Dietician in gyms, schools, clinic, healthcare centers and hence, the candidates can try their luck in these areas as well.  There are various countries in the world where people constantly face food-related problems. In those countries, some international NGOs are making stride to provide relief. So, a Nutrition and Dietetics candidate can work in those areas. The bottom line is that the students can assure a bright future with this degree.

Which course is the best in engineering ?

The twenty-first century has witnessed an upsurge in the number of engineering colleges. The major reason behind it being so is the popularity and craze about this discipline among the students. As of now, there are so many engineering courses which kind of, make people baffled. This bafflement often brings a question into the minds of aspirants: “Which is the best engineering course?” Different people, different perspectives and different answers.

People vary and so do their interests. Therefore, the question should be rephrased. It should be ‘Which is the best Engineering course for me?’ instead of ‘Which is the best engineering course?’ One might love machines while another might love computer systems and it is quite obvious that the same question won’t do justice to both. So, here the person’s interests should be given top priority.

In the modern era, there are four streams which are forerunners in this discipline. These streams include CSE, ECE, ME and IT.

CSE stands for Computer Science Engineering in which the students are taught about the nitty-gritty of computer applications, programming, developing and designing. All the software related to computers and computer systems is developed by Computer Science Engineers.

ECE: It is known as electrical fields. To explain in layman language, it is more of a circuit making the thing. But to be precise (and professional), this degree is about the construction of electronic devices such as Mobile phones, satellites, computer hardware, pagers, TVs, etc.

ME: Mechanical Engineering is one broad domain which deals with the study of heavy machinery and its working. Under this head, the students also learn about automobile engineering. It is known as the mother of engineering.

Now that the details about each are known, the students need to consider juxtaposing their interests with the provisions of the degree. So, if you have taken a keen interest in machines, fixing automobiles, inventing new machines to uplift the human race then there is no hesitation in saying that Mechanical Engineering can be your cup of tea.

Likewise, if you are tantalized and amazed by the communication gadgets at the same time then you should know that ECE can become your haven. Those who enjoy making communication gadgets and gizmos can go for this degree. .

Let’s be honest. Computers are not much apprehended by everyone. There is a selected lot which takes a keen rather extended interest in computers. If you fall just right in then you know that CSE is the best for you.

The last one, Information Technology, is a vast field. It is dynamic, too. Information Technology is a sector which is rapidly developing. The IT sector has expanded manifolds in the recent past. It is all about designing, developing, managing and storing the entire computer-based information. If you need a stable and less tiring job in engineering then you should go for this field.