Mechanical Engineering as a career option in India

In India, Mechanical Engineering has come up as the choice of the youth. More and more candidates–especially male candidates–try to pursue this degree to unlock a plethora of golden opportunities. Under the aegis of engineering discipline, these four streams are extremely famous in India: Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering. 

Mechanical Engineering is offered on two levels: undergraduate and graduate. Bachelor of Technology in ME is quite sought-after and the duration of this degree is four years. After completing this degree, students become eligible for working in areas such as the automotive industry, heavy machinery, aeronautics, etc. 

Some of the companies which desire and happily receive Mechanical Engineers include

  • Godrej
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • HCPL
  • Ashok Leyland
  • BHEL
  • Tata Group
  • NHPC 

In the aforementioned companies and industrial sectors, the candidates can work on different profiles such as: 

  • Mechanical Engineer 
  • Junior Mechanical Engineer 
  • Mechanical Product Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer (with Solid Works proficiency) 
  • Mechanical Engineering

In addition to these aforementioned job profiles, the students can work as teachers in various schools, colleges or universities. But one thing which the candidates must keep in mind is the fact that the college from where they are pursuing the degree will play a huge role. So, students need to make sure that they are in the right institute. An institute that has won many awards and titles for being on the forefront has international exchange programs, industry-academia interface, and many more facilities will be the best college for Mechanical Engineering

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, India is one such institute which subsumes all of the above and has excellent placement drive on top of that. So, one can consider this college as well while getting admission.

BCA or BTech: Which is a Better Degree for you

The conclusion of intermediate leads to a deeper dilemma. Since there is a multitude of options are available for the students in the present times. Depending on different subjects there are a variety of streams and a variety of disciplines. Before comparing the degrees, first let’s know what different intermediates are available for students:

  • Humanities/Arts
  • Commerce
  • Medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) 
  • Non-Medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) 

Talking about BCA, all of the above-mentioned can opt for this degree but when it comes to B.Tech, only those who had opted for Non-medical are eligible. So, for Non-medical students, it becomes baffling to choose the better option. But what they don’t know is that they cannot generalize this. Since we all are different and our interests are different, we need to give full preference to them. So, let’s see what both of these degrees have to offer. 

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) 

BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree that helps the students assimilate theoretical and experiential postulates of computer programming, language, and development. After this degree, students can become Web developers, programmers, database management, etc. 

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

B. Tech is another degree which is of four-years and is very popular in India. B. Tech comes in different streams such as CSE, ECE, ME and Information Technology. B. Tech is indeed a wider domain but one has to choose a specific niche. 

Under CSE, students learn about computer programming, web development, software engineering, computer programming, etc. Yes, it is like BCA but only, it is engineering. 

ECE: In layman language, it is something to do with circuits. But it is the understanding of hardware and its composition. All the devices such as mobiles, TVs, medical research machines, etc, are gifts of this degree. 

Information Technology: Information technology engineering is about the study or use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. With the rise of IT companies, this degree has gained popularity. 

Comparison: Now, BCA is entirely about computers and those interested in computers and their applications, can pursue this degree. On the other hand, B.Tech is a wider domain and has different subsets. So, students get to choose among these different streams. Some might say that CSE and BCA are similar and that won’t even be wrong. This time, you need to find the best engineering colleges in India and see what they offer in their curricula. To be sure about the comparison, pick a college that offers both degrees and then conclude your quest. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, India is one destination that advances both the

Which is better among computer science and mechanical engineering ?

Engineering is a discipline of great success, great scope and overall, a discipline of a great time! Within this discipline, there are multitudes of niches subsumed. But there are four niches which have managed to remain on the top shelf for some time and the best engineering colleges in India have always included them in their curriculum. These include Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, and Engineering in Information Technology. 

Different streams have different scope and that is why we should sort them accordingly. 

So, before actually concluding, make sure to take notes on how they are different from each other. Starting with comparing both: 

Computer Science Engineering: CSE is all about knowing the construction of computer programming. Under this niche, students are taught about building software, applications, websites, etc. After completing this degree, the students get to work as 

· Software Engineer

· Network Administrators

· Database Administrators

· Software Testers

· Developers

· Domain Consultants

· Design Engineers

· Solution Integrators

· Jr. Software Developer

· System Engineers

Mechanical Engineering: On the other hand, Mechanical Engineering is all about applying the postulates of Physics, Mathematics, to design and form mechanical systems. After completing this degree, the candidates can save different job spots in companies like Godrej, L&T, JSW, Jaypee Group, etc. 

Now, you cannot right away jump to a conclusion. You need to first keep your interests and the provisions of the degree together and see which one matches your interests, right? So, if you are tech-savvy and enjoy making new programs, you are clear to go with CSE but if you take particular interest in making heavy machinery, then it is Mechanical Engineering! 

Both degrees are good in their interesting way, only if pursued from the best engineering college in India. Now, CGC, Landran is one such college that has left no stone unturned to provide all the facilities to the students. So, whichever degree you choose, you can consider this college as an option. 

What is Computer Science Engineering and what are career options after Computer Science Engineering ?

Computer Science Engineering is one of the best Engineering streams in modern times. It is a domain where the students are helped in the assimilation of Computer program developments and many other pertinent postulates. That is why all the top engineering colleges in India have this degree in their curriculum. CSE is given priorities in the best colleges, just like CGC, Landran has really placed it in the top shelve.

Once the students have concluded this degree with flying colors, these following job opportunities become right running after them:

  • Developers
  • Design Engineers
  • Solution Integrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Software Testers
  • Domain Consultants
  • Industries Officer (Technical)
  • IT Manager
  • Jr. Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Engineers
  • Team Leads/ Architect
  • Technology Analyst

Furthermore, the students can also become lecturers/professors in prestigious colleges and universities after qualifying respective tests. Also, students can become government employees by taking tests. One such test is IES which comes under UPSC. All in all, Computer Science Engineering is a degree worth going for.  

How to choose the right Engineering College?

Choosing one of the best engineering colleges can be a task too tedious but it can be simplified with a simple yet useful technique. To save you the hassle, providing you a blueprint via which choosing the best engineering college will become a child’s play. There are dedicated steps that trials to a good decision! These steps include: 

  1. What interests you? : Since it is very well known by all that this discipline is home to innumerable subtypes: Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and many more. So in a gamut of tempting options, fixing your head with THE ONE seems next to impossible. However, flying was also impossible in ancient times but here we are proving that with the right strategy and dedication, everything can be achieved and accomplished. 

So, the strategy here is to go into the depth of your mind and see what really excites you—see the subjects. In your intermediate at school, you are made acquainted with them and you might also enjoy one of the few of them. And here, your interest is the king! 

  1. Right stream: Once you get to know the best part, you become ready to browse the net—that’s what we all do. Explore the options and see what subject each option encompasses. Shortlist those few from the plethora of options. After having done so, see which one stream has the most resemblance with your interests. TADA! This is what you’ve been looking for. Time to proceed. 
  1. Colleges offering your degree: After fixing your head on one of the best engineering courses, you can now move further to search for which college is offering this. There will be way too many colleges, all claiming to be best but don’t fall for that! Filter out the best one. 
  1. Categorize the colleges: different colleges have different missions and aims—different rankings, too! First of all, see if the college has been affiliated to/is a recognized university/college. If not, then bye-bye. The very reason we go to college is to have a decent job. Look into the placement records of the college: how many offers have been made to-date with which companies and all? Then there are facilities: see if the college has an international exchange program, modern infrastructure, well-maintained labs, industry-academia interface, etc. After that, see into the ranking and awards received by the college. 
  1. Crown the king! : All being said and done, you will be left with a few names and there you have to see which college falls under your area of interest, doesn’t dig much deep in your pocket and is in your reach. After that, you will never regret your choice for you have chosen the best college for you! 
  • Ranked by many agencies and bestowed with many titles, CGC Landran also comes under the aegis of the top engineering college in India. It has an avant-garde teaching style and infrastructure that goes well with subjects being taught. And likewise it has international exchange programs, placement facilities and many more previously mentioned features. You can go to this college or can search for one similar to this.