What are the top graphic designing Institutes in India ?


With the escalating importance of presentation, degrees of Graphic Designing got a lot of patrons. Owing to this point, a lot of Graphic design Institutes in India have mushroomed. But are all these colleges worth it? When quantity increases, quality suffers a lot. So, it becomes necessary to find which are the top graphic designing institutes in India?

In order to know which institutes fall under this banner, one needs to find out these attributes:

  1. Ranking and Awards: The first impression that the college is going to leave on anyone is the number of prizes and awards won by it. The more awards, the better the college. So, male sure to see the hall of fame of that college and then choose wisely.
  1. Placement Records: The main reason behind a person going to college is to get a job. One cannot just head to college without feeling sure about getting a job. So, it becomes important to know the placement record of the college. And if the college has an impressive placement record then it surely comes under the banner of the best graphic designing institutes in India.
  1. International outreach: Colleges that have global reach are surely going to shine better. So, you need to look out for those colleges which have impressive international exchange programs. If the colleges offer this program under their curriculum, then it surely falls among the top graphic designing institutes in India.
  1. Industry-academia interface: Colleges must focus on practical learning along with theoretical. So, the industry-academia interface is an essential part of prestigious colleges.

All these points along with advanced curriculum and well-furnished laboratories make the college a prestigious one. CGC Landran is one such college that falls in the category of the top colleges in India as it incorporates all of the above-mentioned points. So, one can go pick this college as well while choosing from the best institutes.