BCA or BTech: Which is a Better Degree for you

The conclusion of intermediate leads to a deeper dilemma. Since there is a multitude of options are available for the students in the present times. Depending on different subjects there are a variety of streams and a variety of disciplines. Before comparing the degrees, first let’s know what different intermediates are available for students:

  • Humanities/Arts
  • Commerce
  • Medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) 
  • Non-Medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) 

Talking about BCA, all of the above-mentioned can opt for this degree but when it comes to B.Tech, only those who had opted for Non-medical are eligible. So, for Non-medical students, it becomes baffling to choose the better option. But what they don’t know is that they cannot generalize this. Since we all are different and our interests are different, we need to give full preference to them. So, let’s see what both of these degrees have to offer. 

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) 

BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree that helps the students assimilate theoretical and experiential postulates of computer programming, language, and development. After this degree, students can become Web developers, programmers, database management, etc. 

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

B. Tech is another degree which is of four-years and is very popular in India. B. Tech comes in different streams such as CSE, ECE, ME and Information Technology. B. Tech is indeed a wider domain but one has to choose a specific niche. 

Under CSE, students learn about computer programming, web development, software engineering, computer programming, etc. Yes, it is like BCA but only, it is engineering. 

ECE: In layman language, it is something to do with circuits. But it is the understanding of hardware and its composition. All the devices such as mobiles, TVs, medical research machines, etc, are gifts of this degree. 

Information Technology: Information technology engineering is about the study or use of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. With the rise of IT companies, this degree has gained popularity. 

Comparison: Now, BCA is entirely about computers and those interested in computers and their applications, can pursue this degree. On the other hand, B.Tech is a wider domain and has different subsets. So, students get to choose among these different streams. Some might say that CSE and BCA are similar and that won’t even be wrong. This time, you need to find the best engineering colleges in India and see what they offer in their curricula. To be sure about the comparison, pick a college that offers both degrees and then conclude your quest. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, India is one destination that advances both the