Best Courses after 12th for Commerce Students

If you make decisions without extensive research, somewhere in the future, you would surely regret: “As in your interests were elsewhere but you landed up pursuing a stream not actually meant for you  .” Hey, that is indeed not the right approach or attitude as this will hamper your future plans and for a career, you would have dreamt of. Do you want to regret your program choices like this way ahead in the future? No? Okay, then. Take a moment, devote your attention and let us enlighten you with the current trends of the best courses after 12th for the commerce stream students.  

Options, choices, and interests—three things entangled and twelfth students comprehend it well enough. No matter which education board you are from, you face this dilemma where you have to pick and choose the courses. Commerce is an evergreen field. No matter what comes and goes, commerce will stay. Students from commerce background have an advantage over the choices. For them, the scope to find the best program is voluminous.

The world is dynamic—it changes on every step and it becomes difficult for the commerce candidates to choose the best undergrad courses. As far as we know, the aspiration to live a wealthy and satisfying life makes us go for the best program available. With the assistance of this blog, we will try to guide you with the best Courses for Commerce Students to have the best profession choices accessible in the future.

Commerce is a flexible discipline. The core subjects include Accounting, Economy, and Business Studies whereas Mathematics is an optional choice. By opting for Mathematics the scope magnifies manyfold. Now, there is a surfeit of programs that are directly related to the commerce field and plenty of indirectly related courses into the bargain.  

Here we have managed to provide the information about all the top courses after 12th for commerce students:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

What is a BBA Course all about?

You know, I know, everyone knows that there is a degree called BBA. But what is it all about? BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration which is a three-year degree program. BBA is a management degree which throws light on the managerial aspects. As everyone knows, any company—if left unassisted by the management—can not function properly. That is the reason behind this degree is so important at all times. Be it an IT  company or say it a college, organization everyone needs to have a proper dedicated management slot. 

Eligibility: The pursuers of this degree need to have passed twelfth in any of the streams with at least 55% marks in aggregate from the recognized education board.  

Career Opportunities: BBA is known as one of the best programs after 12th commerce because it has so much to offer. The students can serve on the positions such as Finance Manager, Business Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Research and Development Manager, Information Systems Manager, Marketing Manager, Career development officer, Sales manager, and Recruiting Coordinator, etc. 

BBA SIM (Bachelor of Business Administration in Service Industry Management)

BBA (SIM) is just like BBA but with a slight difference. BBA SIM 

extends into Bachelor of Business Administration in Service Industry Management. Helping students to assimilate the working of the tertiary sector, this degree is the gift of the future. It is offered by some of the best management colleges in India

Eligibility: Those having passed the intermediate in any stream, with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate are free to join this course. 

Career opportunities: BBA (SIM) adheres to assimilating the working of tertiary. The conclusion of this degree rewards the students with coveted job positions in notable companies across the world. The candidates can work as Customer relationship managers, service managers, customer care executives, Front office executives, Event managers, Sales coordinators, Health service managers, and retail managers. 

B.Com (Honours)

What does B.Com Honours offer?

B.Com (Hon.) stands for Bachelor of Commerce. B.Com is directly related to the commerce field and hence it has all the subjects subsumed. B.Com has a variety of subjects ranging from finance to taxes. B.Com (Honours) assists in shedding light on the working of the commerce sector in our lives and hence it is full of scope. 

Eligibility: If you have passed twelfth in commerce you can pursue it. Candidates having passed twelfth with 45% marks at least along with one out of the following then you are eligible to get admission in this degree:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics

Career Opportunities: Commerce is a field full of opportunities and great remuneration. And you know, it is pretty important too. Out of vast career choices, the students can become accountants, Company Secretaries, Auditors, Consultants, Business Analysts, Sales Analysts, Finance Officers, Tax Accountants, Economists, Stock Brokers, and Business Development Trainees, etc.

CA (Chartered Accountant)

CA is a very renowned profession and tough too. CA, standing for Chartered Accountant, can be cleared through an entrance exam. There are different levels of attempt under this. It is controlled and conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) twice a year. 

Eligibility: Students who are applying after twelfth need at least 60% aggregate marks whereas those pursuing it after graduation need 55% only. 

Career Opportunities: Once you have taken all the tests and have qualified them, you become a  CA. And CA’s have an opportunity to earn a handsome pay package. CA can either work in a firm or can start their own company.  

CS (Company Secretary)

CS stands for Company Secretary. Again it is an exam managed and handled by a separate professional body named as Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Now, who doesn’t want to be on top of the company? Company secretaries have the responsibility to handle all the financial and legal accounts of the company along with filing tax returns, keeping the tax records, and advising the board of directors. 

Eligibility: Candidates can get started with this even after twelfth but they’ll have to appear for the foundation program. Those candidates who think about pursuing this after graduation are exempted from this program. However, they’ll start with the executive program. And those who have chosen fine arts cannot go for it. 

Career Opportunities: Having qualified all the stages of this, the candidates can become Foreign Collaborators and run Joint Ventures, Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance, Project Planning, Capital Market and Investor Relations, Corporate Advisory Services, Corporate Restructuring, etc. 

BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration Legum Baccalaureus)

Yes, BBA LLB is an integrated course that combines BBA and LLB. It is a five-year-long course that incorporates all the subjects from BBA as well as LLB. The conclusion of this degree makes lawyers or even judges!

Eligibility: To get admission in the most coveted institutes, the students need to qualify CLAT exams. Some colleges have their specific entrance exams and students need to qualify just that one! Isn’t it great?! But your intermediate scores won’t go in vain. The final merit list contains the combination of both scores: Twelfth as well as an entrance exam. 

Career opportunities: Pretty obvious, yeah? Yes, you can become lawyers, legal advisers, Business Consultant, Assistant Advisor, Attorney General, and even a judge! But you need to study well. Hard work is the key after all. 

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) 

The digital era has uplifted this degree—not literally, though. With the advent of new technologies and computer systems, BCA has received a heavy applaud and great following! BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. This degree is all about assimilating the computer postulates to the pursuers. 

Eligibility: Okay, so if you have passed 10+2 in any stream from any recognized board with a minimum of 45% marks (aggregate), congratulations dear, you are eligible!

Career Opportunities: Oh yes, the fun part: unlocking a world full of opportunities, this is BCA for you! After this degree, students can get jobs as Web Developers, Network Administrators, Web Designers System Managers, Software Developers, Computer Programmers, and Software Testers, etc.

Other exciting options—professional streams after 12th commerce stream:

The aspect that calls for attention is the fact that other degrees are also very approachable. As we previously mentioned, commerce is a domain embracing fascinating alternates. Hmm, which ones? Here you go again:

 Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT)(4 Years)

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology or simply BHMCT is a degree akin to the hospitality industry. As the name implies it does teach about the hotel management principles. Now, hotel management is again a vast sphere in itself that adheres to both practical and theory. So, this degree has the same to offer. 

Eligibility: Are you interested in this? Well, if you have passed twelfth in any stream or any examination of equal importance conducted by a recognized board/organization then it is time to pursue your interests already! 

Career Opportunities:  Having concluded this degree with sheer hard work, you can surely get jobs in reputed organizations across the globe. The candidates can get jobs in Cabin Services, Airline Catering (flight kitchen), Cruise Ship, Club management, Hotel Management, Hotel, and Tourism Associations (for eg: state tourism development corporations), Hospital administration & catering Hospitality services in the Indian Navy, Hospitality services in various MNCs, Forest Lodges, Resorts, Guest Houses, Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, Kitchen Management (in hotels or running canteens in college, schools, factories, company guest houses etc.), shipping companies, and Hotel and catering institutes

B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration (3 Years)

B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration, so yes the name says it all. Doesn’t it? Hospitality is a bigger domain, everything else such as travel, hotels, etc, simply falls under it. Since it takes the bigger chunk, it elucidates pretty much everything. 

Eligibility: Just like the previous one, the students must have passed twelfth with English (as main or elective or functional subject) from any recognized board/institute/university. 

Career Opportunities: So, folks we are back to everyone’s favorite part—the career opportunities! Assuming that you have happily earned this degree to a satisfying end, you will be witnessing great opportunities unlocking: jobs in Resort Management, and Hospital & Institutional Catering, Kitchen Management/Housekeeping Management, Flight Kitchens, Executive in international and national fast-food chains, Shipping and Cruise lines, Marketing/Sales Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors, Guest/Customer Relation Executive in Hotel and other Service Sectors, State Tourism Development Corporations, Multinational companies, etc. 

Bachelor of Graphic & Web Designing 

Presentation is the key to making a home in people’s hearts and minds—and businesses! The very first thing which you see about any company is its website and for that reason, it should be striking! The pre-requisites of an amazing website are: Number one, it should be user-friendly. Number two, it should give away all about the business/services/company in the initial 10 seconds of viewing and number three, it should be able to engage people. Give or take some but the number of responsibilities on a designer is more and this degree is here to render that assistance to the aspirants!

Eligibility: Are you trying to be a part of this creative degree and if you answer is yes, see how many boxes you tick out of this: Have passed twelfth from a recognized board? Have you scored more than 45% in aggregate? And if you tick both of them, boom, you are all set!

Career Opportunities: How do you think designers are made? No nirvana falls upon them, they learn all this with the help of a degree called Graphic and Web designing. So, you can also become Front end, web developers, Back end web developers, Design and layout analysts, Senior web analysts, Web marketing analysts, Graphic designers, Web application developers, Creative Director, User experience (UX) designers, Production artists, User interface (UI) designers, Product developers, Marketing specialists and Multimedia artists/animators etc.

Bachelor of Arts 

It is OG! Yes, OG as in ‘Old Gangster’. How can you not know about it? B.A. which expands into Bachelor of Arts is a degree worth following to date as it encompassed all the core subjects on whose principles our world runs. B.A. is a simple degree which is very flexible and allows the candidates to choose any subject of their choice!  

Eligibility: The OG is not that tough to approach. If you have passed twelfth standard in any stream from any recognized board then you are in.

Career Opportunities: You can go wherever you want, with a little help. If you wish you can become a lawyer, a judge, journalist, marketer, IAS, and whatnot!

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)

All these years and people still have very little knowledge about this degree. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a degree which helps us know what the world is all about. We are surrounded by Mass communication media and we don’t know what part they play in our lives. Simply, this degree helps us know what’s ‘behind the scenes’ of this whole bigger paradigm. 

Eligibility: Sounds interesting and if you make up your mind to be a part of it, check if you have scored more than 45% in twelfth (any stream) from any recognized board. 

Career Opportunities: We bet that just like this degree, you are not aware of what potential it holds. The aftermath can help you get jobs as Journalists, Public relations executives, content writer, event manager, editor, etc. 

Diploma in Food Production 

How many franchises have opened up? How many eateries have taken over the market? How many people are interested in trying the food & beverage industry? The answer to all these questions is a lot. Well, it started in the last century when people realized that this can also fetch them great fame and money. Fun fact: the very first restaurant chain was opened in Kansas, USA way back in 1921 as White Castle Restaurant. Coming back to the topic, this degree has become a medium for all those having ideas in mind but still looking for some transformer. 

Eligibility: So, this is an undergraduate diploma where you can get enrolled just after twelfth, provided that you have qualified the standard in any stream from a recognized board. 

Career Opportunities: Since it is a diploma, students get entry-level jobs such as comis, sous chefs, kitchen assistants, cooks, food suppliers, etc. The best part is that you can start your own business!

Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery

You know this is one of the favourite places of a sweet tooth! Bakery and confectionery courses do have some exciting ring to it. From making cakes to biscuits, students get to learn a lot. This degree is the avant-garde, which has taken the responsibility of providing the much-ignored services. 

Eligibility: The eligibility criterion is a literal twin to that of Diploma in Food Production (we save you the time, always). 

Career Opportunities:  You can open your own bakery and that is the best of all the other options. However, if you are yet to understand the proper workings of it you can work as Maintenance Manager, Chefs, Bakery specialists, Supply Chain Managers, etc, in different organizations. 

Epilogue: Assimilating the gravity of the decisions, you can find out what is good for you! Your interests need to be matched with the provisions of the degrees and accordingly, you will be able to draft the best decision—even implement it! Say no to vigorous decision-making, peer pressure, and hearsay. Choose one of the top commerce colleges in India 2019 and witness your dreams getting wings! Make it a good one. Cheerio!