What is the scope in travel and tourism and how to make a career in it?

Travel and Tourism industry is on a roll in contemporary times. It is an era of wanderlust where everyone plans a trip around the world. So, every evidently, the current trends have helped this sector grow manifolds. With being the central interest of hundreds of thousands of people, the travel industry has become a hot favorite among those trying to shape a better future.

Under this segment of the hospitality industry, the students can either work under someone or can leap forward to start their travel agency. There are many companies which prepare the tour/travel packages for people and they are always on a hunt of people.

So, within the industry, the students can become recreation attendant, Concierge, Cruise ship in charge, Curator, office administrator, Recreation worker, chauffeur, Tour and travel guide, etc.

To be so, the students ought to opt for those courses which are pertinent to the field. All those who aspire to join the travel and tourism industry must know that in the present time, a lot of colleges offer degrees/courses relative to the field.

Some of the courses which help you land in this field include B.Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, and Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management. So, join one of the best hotel management colleges in India and get ready to experience the opening of new avenues.

Nutrition & Dietetics (Dietician) Careers Courses

Whether you live a healthy life is up to your diet, genetics and of course, exercising patterns. Since times immemorial, we have known that food has a very strong effect on our lives. Everything we eat has some consequence; can be good, can be bad. Nutrition and Dietetics need to be studied in order to know the patterns.

So, they introduced nutrition and dietetics course to numerous countries around the world. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics have become one of the most desired courses of this sort. In this course, the students learn about different diets and the nutritional quotient attached to them. Also, they learn the ways in which food can be used to eradicate or at least minimize the disease/problem.

Since dieticians are present almost everywhere nowadays, the scope of this discipline has expanded. With this degree in hand, the student can work in the spheres such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Wellness and prevention, Drug de-addiction and many more. Also, the students can easily enter and prosper in the fields such as education weight management, curing development disabilities, eating disorder management, food culinary and supermarkets management.

There is always a need of Dietician in gyms, schools, clinic, healthcare centers and hence, the candidates can try their luck in these areas as well.  There are various countries in the world where people constantly face food-related problems. In those countries, some international NGOs are making stride to provide relief. So, a Nutrition and Dietetics candidate can work in those areas. The bottom line is that the students can assure a bright future with this degree.

Options after B.Sc Non-Medical

B.Sc. Non-medical, a three year degree program which includes the subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. It is one such degree which can be chosen by those candidates who have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination in Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. It is one of the early courses which have been pursued by hundreds and thousands of the students. The reason behind so is its promising nature. The future scope appended to this degree is so voluminous that a lot of people go for it.

After completing this degree, the students can become Research Scientists, Scientific Assistants, Research analysts, Teachers, Technical writers/Editors, Lecturers, Chemists, Enumerators, Researchers, Clinical Research Managers and Consultants in various fields/organizations. It is quite beneficial to those who desire to join the academic forefront. All those who want to conduct further researches in the field of science can also pursue this degree.

The best part about this degree is that the candidates can also go for further studies. After B.Sc. Non medical, the candidates can also pursue M.Sc. Non medical and doctorate subsequently. The students can also go for MBA and get promising jobs.  

Career Options after B.Sc Non-Medical

B.Sc. Non-medical is a three-year undergraduate degree program. B.Sc. Non-medical is one of the better options students have after intermediate. Those students, who have completed their twelfth standard with subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, can opt for this discipline. There are many career options after this sphere which comprise of many different work areas such as academia, research, corporate, health, etc. The job opportunities appended to this discipline are aplenty.

Bringing a sea full of options close to you, it joins the gamut of all those promising domains. This particular field encircles the theoretical and experiential postulates of Physics and chemistry with the help of which new avenues can be unlocked. So after this degree, one can become a lot many things but becoming a successful person is intrinsic to every job opportunity related to this. So, if you have just concluded your B.Sc. non-medical then you are surely digging out the best possibilities and chances to grab.

So, here providing all the job opportunities after the course and it includes Research Scientists, Scientific Assistants, Research analysts, Teachers, Technical writers/Editors, Lecturers, Chemists, Enumerators, Researchers, Clinical Research Managers and Consultants in various fields/organizations.

Besides all of the aforementioned opportunities, the candidates can also apply for government services such as government lecturer, teacher, analyst, etc. After completion of this degree, the students can go for further studies such as masters’ degree and doctorate. By adding more and more credentials in the portfolio, the students can unveil all the superb opportunities appended to B.Sc. Non-medical.   

Top 5 reasons you should choose Hotel Management Course for a successful career

Hotel Management has emerged as a field of great promises. In the modern world, there are many hotels and there is a need for aplenty people to manage them. Hotel management has emerged as a really remunerative industry altogether. So, here are the top 5 reasons for choosing Hotel Management Course for a successful career:

1.    Salary Potential: Hotel management was seen as a way of becoming a chef in the old days but it was not true then and is not true now. Hotel management is one such course which offers leeway for students.  The initial salaries can be a little disappointing but after a year or two, the salaries can even get doubled.

2.    Travel: As after hotel management one can get absorbed in different professional spheres, he/she gets good chances to travel in various parts of the world. If a person has joined the aviation industry for hospitality then he/she can travel and work at the same time.

3.    Diversity within: Going for a hotel management course means that you are already for joining the diverse industry. Here you won’t be just stuck in the same old, rather you will have all new opportunities in your way.

4.    Global Opportunities: Pursuing a hotel management course can prove to be of great eminence for those students who aspire to go abroad for studies or work in the long run. As hotel management has a worldwide reach, students can easily get to move in other countries as well.

5.    Growth: It is one of some few sectors which offer growth within a short period of time. If you have entered this industry as a waiter, then after 2 or 3 years you will be able to step ahead.

There are not only 5 reasons to join a hotel management course. The reasons behind are aplenty. If you are looking for an institute from where you can pursue this course, you can come to Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran.

Best MBA Colleges in Chandigarh

Management courses promise a very lucrative career to the candidates. Owing to this aspect of this program, innumerable MBA colleges have emerged in Chandigarh. Different colleges have different levels. Some are notable while some are so-so. There is this one institute named Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran which is situated on National Highway 205A. It is a well-known management institute which provides each and every facility to the students.

The primary aim of the institute is to shape the businessmen of future while providing the auxiliary benefits within the campus. Taking care of the career aspect, the college has joined hands with some of the notable names in the world.

Having about 627 strategic collaborations with the companies, the institute has got about 6314 placement offers. Some of the competent students have managed to grab the highest paying offers. Till date, the placement package of 31.77 Lakhs Per Annum is the highest among all.

What makes this institute different is the fact that it takes care of research and innovation as well. There is an annual contest where MBA students are given a chance to pitch the fundraisers. In this competition, the students present their extraordinary ideas to the jury and the top five astounding ideas are given one lakh each for the incubation purposes.

Also, the international alliances with the top universities of different countries have opened the option of student exchange programs. So, interested students can also go abroad for studies. If you are among those searching for a prestigious MBA Colleges in Chandigarh then CGC Landran is the best for you.