What are the good colleges for B.Pharma in India ?

B. Pharma, also known as Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergrad degree that is offered by the best pharmacy colleges in India. B. Pharma is one of those degrees which demands hard work and intellect. But what can turn the table is the fact that candidates have chosen one of the best colleges around. This decision can catalyze the whole process and therefore, positively transform your life. 

Now there are uncountable Pharmacy colleges in India but not all can be classified as good. Also, one can not directly crown a college as ‘the best’. So, what to do? The best way to reach a meaningful and helping conclusion is by filtering down the colleges based on their facilities. So, good colleges for a B.Pharma in India must have these features: 

  1. Excellent placement records: The College which has excellent placement records with a sweeping record of placement offers and high packages is the one going for. CGC, Landran is one such college which has an impressive placement record and it can be considered as an option. 
  2. Industry-academia interface: Pharmacy colleges must have a strong industry-academia interface where the students are familiarized with the workings of the industry. The more companies the college is affiliated to, the better it gets. 
  3. International outreach: Pharmacy is a discipline which wraps the whole world. Colleges which keep international standards abreast are, too, good ones. 

In addition to these aforementioned features, the college must have a practical approach to different subjects along with ultramodern laboratories. Colleges with all these traits can be chosen for B.Pharma.  

What is Computer Science Engineering and what are career options after Computer Science Engineering ?

Computer Science Engineering is one of the best Engineering streams in modern times. It is a domain where the students are helped in the assimilation of Computer program developments and many other pertinent postulates. That is why all the top engineering colleges in India have this degree in their curriculum. CSE is given priorities in the best colleges, just like CGC, Landran has really placed it in the top shelve.

Once the students have concluded this degree with flying colors, these following job opportunities become right running after them:

  • Developers
  • Design Engineers
  • Solution Integrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Software Testers
  • Domain Consultants
  • Industries Officer (Technical)
  • IT Manager
  • Jr. Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Engineers
  • Team Leads/ Architect
  • Technology Analyst

Furthermore, the students can also become lecturers/professors in prestigious colleges and universities after qualifying respective tests. Also, students can become government employees by taking tests. One such test is IES which comes under UPSC. All in all, Computer Science Engineering is a degree worth going for.  

How to choose the right Engineering College?

Choosing one of the best engineering colleges can be a task too tedious but it can be simplified with a simple yet useful technique. To save you the hassle, providing you a blueprint via which choosing the best engineering college will become a child’s play. There are dedicated steps that trials to a good decision! These steps include: 

  1. What interests you? : Since it is very well known by all that this discipline is home to innumerable subtypes: Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and many more. So in a gamut of tempting options, fixing your head with THE ONE seems next to impossible. However, flying was also impossible in ancient times but here we are proving that with the right strategy and dedication, everything can be achieved and accomplished. 

So, the strategy here is to go into the depth of your mind and see what really excites you—see the subjects. In your intermediate at school, you are made acquainted with them and you might also enjoy one of the few of them. And here, your interest is the king! 

  1. Right stream: Once you get to know the best part, you become ready to browse the net—that’s what we all do. Explore the options and see what subject each option encompasses. Shortlist those few from the plethora of options. After having done so, see which one stream has the most resemblance with your interests. TADA! This is what you’ve been looking for. Time to proceed. 
  1. Colleges offering your degree: After fixing your head on one of the best engineering courses, you can now move further to search for which college is offering this. There will be way too many colleges, all claiming to be best but don’t fall for that! Filter out the best one. 
  1. Categorize the colleges: different colleges have different missions and aims—different rankings, too! First of all, see if the college has been affiliated to/is a recognized university/college. If not, then bye-bye. The very reason we go to college is to have a decent job. Look into the placement records of the college: how many offers have been made to-date with which companies and all? Then there are facilities: see if the college has an international exchange program, modern infrastructure, well-maintained labs, industry-academia interface, etc. After that, see into the ranking and awards received by the college. 
  1. Crown the king! : All being said and done, you will be left with a few names and there you have to see which college falls under your area of interest, doesn’t dig much deep in your pocket and is in your reach. After that, you will never regret your choice for you have chosen the best college for you! 
  • Ranked by many agencies and bestowed with many titles, CGC Landran also comes under the aegis of the top engineering college in India. It has an avant-garde teaching style and infrastructure that goes well with subjects being taught. And likewise it has international exchange programs, placement facilities and many more previously mentioned features. You can go to this college or can search for one similar to this. 

Which is the best B.Tech College in India?

Although India is brimming with a plethora of engineering colleges, there are few institutes that can be categorized as best engineering colleges. B.Tech is a sought-after degree of the time and hundreds and thousands of students wish to pursue them. They also appear in the JEE exams in order to save seats in the world-famous IITs, NIITs, etc.

Best B.Tech colleges in India can be narrowed down on the basis of the facilities they provide. Candidates must understand a thing that there are many other colleges except IITs which do fall in the aforementioned category. Since there are thousands of colleges in India and naming single one of them is not possible. So, just check if they have these following facilities and those having them can be categorized as one of the best B.Tech colleges in India.

These requirements include:

1.       Placements: The very first things for which the students get admission in the colleges include decent and highly remunerative jobs. Placements are the means through which the students can reach this point. The colleges which are renowned for their placement drives definitely come under this header. The more the  number of students placed, better the college.

2.       Industrial Training: Providing students with the gist and overview of industrial working is a must and everyone should be aware of it. Colleges which hold good repute and industrial partnerships make good institutes. Some of the colleges in India have industrial-academia interface and hence they have an edge over others.

3.       International Involvement: So, world is a global village. Everything is interconnected and new generation should know the nitty-gritty of this. Engineering is a degree which has great demand overseas. So, colleges have this feature to offer automatically cover a slot in the best engineering colleges. If the college has a record of taking part in international festivals or sports, then you know it is a good one.

4.       Awards and rankings: Prestigious agencies take the honour of awarding the best colleges across nation. Colleges having won various accolades and titles become better as the victories provide testimony to the excellence.

B.Tech is a degree which requires all of the above features. Students must search for colleges which fit these requirements. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one such engineering college which comes under this category as it provides all the aforesaid features and hence it can be chosen for pursuing B.Tech.

Career options after M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Biotechnology is the next level of B.Sc. As Biotech has become one of the most sought-after disciplines in the modern world, innumerable Biotech colleges in India have mushroomed. M.Sc. Biotech promises a bright and better future for the pursuers. As M.Sc. Biotech provides insight into biology, engineering and designing aspects of the human life, it has harbored many social reforms.

Those who conclude M.Sc. Biotech degree gets to work as Senior Biochemist, Senior Medical Scientist, Biological/Clinical Technician, Microbiologist, Business Development Manager, Process Development Scientist, Marketing Manager Senior, Biomedical Engineer, Lecturer, Biotech Product Analyst, Bio manufacturing Specialist, Research Scientist, and Senior Research Associate.

Biotechnology graduates are desired by the Agricultural sectors, Pharmaceutical sector,  Animal Husbandry, Healthcare industry, Manufacturing sector,food processing industries, and Clinical research. Biotechnology graduates can also start their own company or they can go for higher studies. As it is well established, Biotechnology has scope not only in India but overseas as well. So, students can go to foreign universities/colleges. Some of the students can further go for pursuing Ph.D.

With so much enriched in this degree, M.Sc. Biotech becomes a lucrative option. If you, too, want to write a successful future choose this degree. Before everything else, you need to find one of the best Biotech colleges in India. Now, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one of the best Biotech colleges which is renowned for its placements. So, without wasting time, get yourself enrolled.

Career in BBA or B Com: Which is better?

BBA and B.Com, both are degrees for commerce field. BBA is more of management degree while B.Com is all about theories of commerce. However, when it comes to a career, you cannot say that one degree offers more options than others.

How? Well, the answer is simple and easy. BBA Degree which expands into Bachelor of Business Administration is a management degree which offers expertise in the areas of Human resource management, marketing management, service industry management, etc. After this degree, the students can either work or they can go for further studies.

The completion of this degree helps students in getting jobs such as Finance Manager, Business Administration, Human Resource Manager, Business Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Researcher, Research and Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Career development officer, Recruiting Coordinator, and Sales manager.  After BBA, the students can also pursue MBA or any other degree in the sphere of arts and commerce.

B.Com, on the other hand, is a degree after which the students can become accountants, Consultants, Tax Accountants, Business Analysts, Finance Officers, Sales Analysts, Auditors, Stock Brokers, Economists, Company Secretaries, and Business Development Trainees. After the degree, the students can also pursue higher studies such as MBA, M.Com, or any other degree in arts and commerce, they please.

All in all, both offer the same career opportunities. As long as you have chosen the best management college for the pursuit of any of the degree, you are good to make a successful career out of it.

Scope of Food Technology in India

As long as there is life on earth, food will stay. Food varies from taste to taste, tradition to tradition. The food also changes with the changing time so, there is a need to learn new recipes and dishes. Food technology, if you ask, is the branch of food science which deals with food production, preservation and packing processes.

Now, India is a place of many varieties. Also, there are a great many people in the country. So, this field, food technology, has a voluminous scope.

Food technology is a branch easy to join when the candidates have degrees in food production courses.

The best part about these courses is that they can either be diploma courses or degree courses but there won’t be any distinction in the two when the candidates would be choosing the job opportunities.

The students, after completion of their degrees or diplomas, can become Lab Technician, Food labs, Food Processing Operator, Machinery inspection, Food Handler, Research Scientists, Organic Chemists, Food Inspector, Managers and Accountants, Hospitals, Restaurants, Food Processing Companies, Catering Establishments and services, Food Research Laboratories, Retailers, Food Wholesalers, Packaging Industries, Consultant, Entrepreneur, etc.

Food technology is an ever-expanding industry and so this will always have a voluminous scope in it. The only thing which the students need to do on their part is to choose one of the best hotel management colleges in India. Choose either Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology or you can go for Diploma in Food Production.