Details of CGC Landran Fee Structure, courses and Admission process

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one of the best private colleges in North India that has become the choice of young students who aim to achieve the best in life. For all those trying to know more about the college, here’s providing details of CGC Landran Fee structure, courses and admission process. 

Under the CGC Landran Fee structure, details of various courses and semester wise fees have been provided. Since the fees vary from program to program, you can just check it online on the official website. 

The college offers more than 40 programs under different fields of study. The seven main streams include Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Computer Application, Hotel Management, Education, and Management. The complete information can, again, be found on the official website. 

The admission procedure is as follows: 

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Go to ‘admission’ followed by the ‘Admissions 2020-21’ tab and get yourself registered with the college. 
  3. Upload requisite documents
  4. Transfer ‘Prospectus’ & ‘College Fee’ to the Institute Account via Online payment mode

    Offline Process: 

  1. Visit the admission desk and get an admission form.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Submit your original documents and five passport size photographs.
  4. After an eligibility check, you need to deposit the fee (By referring to the CGC Landran Fee structure)
  5. After that, your admission will be confirmed.

Complete details of CGC Landran Fee Structure

Getting admission in CGC Landran should CGC Landran Fee Structure has been diligently crafted to provide education to all. CGC believes in imparting quality education to those who have the zeal to do the very best in the field of academia.

CGC Landran Fee Structure supports students by offering them an affordable fee. There are seven disciplines namely Engineering, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Computer Application, Hotel Management, Management, and Education.

Under the aegis of CGC Landran, there are 40+ undergraduate and graduate programs. Depending on the stream, discipline and the facilities, different programs have different fee structures.

The complete details of the CGC Landran Fee Structure can be found on the official website.

CGC Landran MBA placements

In the region of North India, CGC Landran MBA placements are popular for transforming the lives of the students by building their careers. CGC Landran is an institute with superior legacy and unmatched placement records.

CGC Landran MBA placements have been possible by the nonpareil facilities of Industry-academia interface and 360-Development training. These two options have helped the college grab the best packages.

In these two decades (almost), the college has received 6314 placement offers with 31.77 LPA as the highest package. CGC Landran MBA placements include various recruiters such as Axis Bank, Bandhan Bank, Bajaj, etc.

CGC Landran placements are not only limited to India, but they also have a global outreach. International companies like Deloitte, Google, Eicher, Oppo, etc.

Why You Should Choose CGC Landran For Engineering

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran is among the Top and Well reputed Colleges in North India. Being the best engineering college in the region, college has become popular choice among students specially for Engineering & MBA Course.

Main High Lights Of College –

CGC Landran Placements

Awards & Ranking

Modern Education Style

Top Class Recruiters

Ultra Modern Campus

CGC Landran College provide all the facilities you are looking for in the college , whether it is in terms of education, Campus Life, Sports, Cultural Events . When it comes to picking a college for yourself , feeling good and right about college is an important factor , after all you’re likely going to spend most important years of your life there . And CGC Landran is the right choice to spend the most important years of life.

For CGC Landran Admission 2020 Batch , visit at

Why is CGC Landran among the Best Engineering Colleges in Chandigarh ?

CGC Landran is among the group of Best Engineering Colleges in Chandigarh as it has time and again proved its worth. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran was incepted in the year 2001 with Engineering as its flagship department and now, the college is continuously thriving.

At present, the college offers Engineering degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in four different streams: Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Information Technology.

CGC Landran is the best because of the different facilities it offers. In the engineering department, the students get hands-on experience via industry-academia interface and training sessions. There are live projects where students are encouraged to work under real-life challenges. Owing to this, CGC Landran has filed 280+ patents and has published many research papers.

CGC has also become the leader in placements. It has so far received 6314 placement offers where 31.77 LPA is the highest package. All in all, with provisions such as industry-academia interface, international exposure, placements, live projects, audio-visual teaching classes, etc, CGC Landran simply becomes one of the Best Engineering colleges.

Procedure for CGC Landran Admissions

There are two ways to CGC Landran Admissions: one is an online procedure and the other is walk-in. 

In order to complete the online admission process, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘Admission’ icon in the menu bar. 
  3. Under this icon, click ‘Apply Online’. 
  4. Register yourself. 
  5. Create a Login ID and fill the complete Admission form. 
  6. Upload the required documents. 
  7. Transfer Prospectus and College Fee to the institute’s account via online payment mode. 

Another way to apply involves walk-in. The steps include:

  1. Visit the CGC Landran campus and bring your documents and 5 passport size photographs. 
  2. Go to the admission desk. 
  3. Fill the admission form
  4. Submit your original documents and five passport size photographs. 
  5. Your form will undergo an eligibility check. 
  6. After getting a green signal from that check post, you’ll need to deposit the fee. 

Management Courses in India

Management is a vast industry that comprises different niches and sectors. There are numerous programs offered under different academic levels. After the conclusion of the 12th standard, students get to choose among various fields. The best part here is, Management is a degree which is open to all! So, with any degree or education, candidates can go for it. 

The different Management Courses in India which can ensure you a successful, happy life include the following:

  1. BBA: BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration which is a three-year undergrad degree program. After completing it, students can get jobs in Banks, Human Resource, Finance, Commerce, trade, etc. 
  1. BBA (Service Industry Management): This degree is just like BBA but it is only meant for the tertiary sector. Under this, the students get to learn the postulates of Management in the services industry. After completion of this degree, students can become Service managers, Customer relationship managers, Front office executives, Customer care executives, Event managers, Health service managers, Sales coordinators and Retail managers in the tertiary sector.
  1. BBA (Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and PR Management): This is another category of BBA degree which offers hands-on-experience in different sectors of sales, marketing, advertising, and Public Relations. After completing this degree, students can get jobs as a sales executive, marketing head, advertising copy-writing, Public Relation Officer, etc. 
  1. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management: This is a degree that assimilates the students about the managerial postulates of the Tourism Industry. After completing this degree, students get to work as Managers, Event Managers, Ground Attendants, Cruise Managers, Tour Guides, Sales and Marketing Consultants/Managers, Operations Managers, and airline Attendants/ground staff, etc. 
  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology: This is another degree from Hotel management which tells students how to keep pace with the industry and manage its assets. After completing this degree, students get to work on various coveted positions in the hospitality industry.
  1. MBA: MBA stands for Master of Business Administration is a two-year full-time postgraduate degree which is the superior level to BBA. It is one of the most lucrative degrees as it ensures a healthy and successful career. After completing this degree, students get to work in higher positions in the managerial sector. 

Now, there are so many degrees under this domain and you can choose anyone depending on your interests and education level. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one such college that has all of the above-mentioned degrees under its curriculum and so this college can become your choice too. 

What can you do after B.Sc Non-Medical Course? From further studies to career opportunities.

The world is filled with multiple choices, options, and opportunities and B.Sc. Non-Medical is one of them. This B.Sc non-medical course incorporates different subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Computer Science thereby forming the basis of a trailblazing adventure!

B.Sc. Non-Medical is a three-year degree program to which theoretical understanding and practical learning are integral. In the three-years of this degree, it is highly likely that the students will get a kick-start in their professional life. The cognitive understanding of an individual is challenged and upgraded using effective teaching methods. 

As we are shifting into a more science-driven era, this degree is gaining momentum. India has been a harbor for groundbreaking technologies and that is why B.Sc in India is so popular. According to a report by IBEF, India has been placed on the 13th position for contributing to high-quality research outputs in natural sciences. This means that the Science and Technology Industry is striving hard to uplift the scope of this field manifold to climb up the ranks. And that is why going with a B.Sc Non-medical degree is an excellent choice.  

After the completion of this degree, you will have two options: To either study further or start with your professional life. And under each, there’d be different opportunities. These are mentioned hereafter. 

Courses you can pursue after B.Sc. Non-medical:

M.Sc (Biotech/Medical/Non-medical): If we go by the books, M.Sc, technically, is a superlative degree to B.Sc. It is a two-year degree program that comes in various streams and types. Candidates can pursue M.Sc in Biotechnology, Non-medical, or Medical stream. 

MBA: Do we need to introduce these forerunners again? Since we have already mentioned the Top 10 Reasons to choose MBA, we are going to keep it short. MBA is a two-year-long degree and has many sub-verticals such as Human Resource, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Sciences, etc. Consequently, students can choose from these.

B.Ed: The pursuit of B.Ed. will help you take up teaching as a career. Education is a brilliant sphere where not only students but also the teachers get to learn a lot every day. After B.Sc, students can and should definitely go for B.Ed. 

M.A.: Although MA is a degree in the arts stream, you can choose this (if you feel like switching). It is a two-year graduate degree which has different streams.  The different niches under M.A. include M.A. In English, M.A. History, M.A. Journalism and mass communication, etc.  

Ph.D.: Tread a little forward and you will realize that research is life—a way of living if not precisely life. Science students have to complete a graduate degree to pursue Ph.D.  

 If students do not wish to study further and choose professional life instead, these are the amazing options which can transform their lives:

Research Scientist:  As stated earlier, research is a way of life and that is why it plays a very crucial part of life. To succeed in life, you need to keep your research knowledge strong. A multitude of companies stay in touch with the current scenarios and have perpetual ongoing research. They wish to take on B.Sc. students who would match their zest of research and they do reward the students’ efforts with impressive remuneration. Prestigious institutes such as PGIMER, AIMS, and many others do welcome the graduates very well!

Technical Writer: The instruction manual, journals, articles, and other medical documents are prepared by a lot of professionals. They are called technical writers. They can be hired to write patient records, research findings, etc.

Chemists:  The job title may sound not so happening however, Chemists are highly trained and intelligent people who perform a lot of experimental physical and chemical tests and study the reactions. They are more like researchers and scientists combined.

Lab Technician: In the clinical labs, the technicians have a variety of job responsibilities. These include receiving, labeling and analyzing different samples. Lab technicians are often responsible for conducting experiments.

Cytologist: Only a few people know about this job profile. This is extremely important in the modern world. A cytologist is one who studies cells and cellular anomalies. They are the ones who detect cancer or any problem related to cells. It is a field of high remuneration and therefore can be chosen as an option.

Clinical Research Analyst: Research analysts are responsible for research, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. The research analysts get to work in areas such as hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, clinics, etc. It is also one of the most paying occupations after B.Sc. Non-medical. 

Medical Coder: This is another rare term. People don’t know much about this also but it is a decent yet remunerative job! A medical coder has the responsibility to read a patient’s medical history and chart to analyze it and maintain an electronic health record for the benefit of insurance companies.    

Teacher/Professor: This profession as old as time yet holds great importance as education is a never-ending field. Teaching is one of the evergreen jobs which always be sought after. Many technical alternatives may come and go, but this is here to stay. Consequently, candidates can take up teaching in schools or universities or join the best B.Sc. Non-Medical colleges in India. 

Government Jobs:  Apart from the private domain, the government sector also offers a plethora of jobs. However, to avail of these options, one needs to qualify for the pertinent exams. In the government sector, the top job posts for B.Sc. Non-medical students include Food inspectors, Government lab technicians, Clinical research, etc. 

Crux: B.Sc. Non-medical is one of the finest options available for beginners as it not only helps them in completely comprehending the discipline as a whole but also assists them in the industry. The only cautious element should be choosing the best college for B.Sc. Non-medical. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran advances this degree along with Avante-Garde curriculum and pedagogy. The college also provides 360-Degree training and nonpareil placement drive thereby making it a good destination to pursue the degree. All these career options and highly remunerative jobs can come within your reach, as soon as you start walking down this path! So, get yourself enrolled in the degree before its late!

Reasons to choose B Tech Mechanical Engineering as a Career

Engineering is a degree that brings a multitude of career options to the table. There are various streams subsumed in this degree and among them, one is Mechanical Engineering. It is one of the most sought-after, loved and scope-packed disciplines. Owing to the voluminous scope and ton of career opportunities, the best engineering colleges in India offer this degree. 

There are several reasons behind students choosing this degree and they are: 

  1. Career Scope: Mechanical Engineering is a degree packed with the scope and so students need to go for this. After completing the degree, students receive exciting offers from big mechanical companies. In the modern world, Mechanical Engineering is bridging many gaps and hence it becomes an important discipline.
  1.  International Opportunities: Mechanical Engineering discipline has international overreach. Countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, etc, are always in search of Mechanical Engineers and that becomes the reason behind going for this degree.
  1. Promising Salary: Mechanical Engineering, if done from one of the best engineering colleges, can help you land in an extremely lucrative spot. Big companies which deal with mechanical Engineering pay handsomely and so this degree brings you closer to it.
  1. Further Studies: After B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering students can either work or go for higher studies. There are different courses and streams which can be chosen after this degree which provides leeway to students.
  1. Innovation: This degree challenges innovative minds. Some of the greatest inventions are results of this degree and hence, going for it is a good idea, given you have the support of the best Engineering college!

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one such college that provides the best career as well as higher studies options. The college is located in the vicinity of Chandigarh and has so far helps students get absorbed in the industry. So, you can go with this one!

CGC Landran: Top Engineering College in Punjab

Engineering is one of the flagship departments at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran. A span of eighteen years has passed but CGC Landran has managed to remain unmatched till date. Ever since it was established, the faculty has worked with great enthusiasm for the common good of college and the students. Not only the advanced academic curriculum but experiential training programs have made strides in attaining excellence and making it a top engineering college in Punjab. The college offers B.Tech and M.Tech in different streams such as:Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Engineering. 

 In order to know how CGC is a top engineering college, look into the following highlights:

1. Awards and Ranking: The college has a motto “Building careers, transforming lives” appended to the official logo and in the true sense, CGC lives by it. The motto is not just another catchy phrase, it is more than that; it incorporates the ultimate aim of the college that is: to bring prosperity to students. Adhering to the same, CGC Landran has won many laurels and titles across various categories. Some of the titles won by the college include Best Engineering College with excellent faculty in North India by Asia Education Summit 2017, Best College infrastructure in Punjab by IAA India Education Awards & Summit 2018, National Employability Award 2018 by Aspiring Minds, etc. Furthermore, the college has been ranked as AA+ Engineering college in Punjab by Career 360 and ranked 47th among all private colleges by Times i3RC in 2018.  Barring these distinctions, the college has won more than a thousand merit positions which initiated a chain of excellence. These accolades have helped the college to remain in the list of best engineering colleges in Punjab.  

2. Accreditation and Affiliation:  There are other departments in the college which hold equal importance. Some of the most popular departments include Management, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Computer Application, Hotel Management, and Education.  Most of the departments and colleges associated with CGC are affiliated to AICTE, New Delhi & IKGPTU, Jalandhar. But by being the only private college to have accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for five years, Chandigarh Engineering College (CEC) has achieved a milestone. With NBA accreditation, it has become one of the topmost engineering colleges in India. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has also accredited CGC Landran with A Grade. Moreover, all the labs of the college have been recognized as SIRO (Scientific & Industrial Skill Research Organization) by DST, Government of India. The college has proved itself, time and again. On the account of its worth, the World Bank granted 4 crores to the institute under TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme), Government of India.

3. Training: Nobody is perfect but he/she can become by dint of sheer hard work and strategic planning. Making to the top of the charts comes in handy if you implement proper and extensive training techniques. CGC Landran knows the importance of training and that’s why it provides a variety of drills for the forthcoming engineers. The placement cell of the college proffers 360-degree training and development program for sure-shot recruitment. The program aims at furnishing the overall skills of the students. Besides inculcating the engineers with confidence, communication skills & adequate manners, lectures on advanced technologies are also imparted to the students. Those who undergo this training, attain clarification in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Business Analysis, Web Development, Cloud Computing, and Robotics & Embedded systems.

4. Placements: When an institute focuses on training this much, missing even a single shot becomes out of options. Similarly, CEC has adhered to the practice of hitting the bull’s eye, each time, every time. More than 600 companies visit the campus annually. And these companies have made a total of 6314 placement offers with 31.77 LPA being the highest. By the same token, the most proficient students of the college have received two or more placement offers.  

5. Top-tier Entrepreneurs: It is supposed that entrepreneurial skills are innate but there is no doubt in the fact that it can be acquired later in life. Chandigarh Group of College has produced first-class leaders who tried their luck and came up as big names in the industry. The college has designed a special Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) which is more like an incubator. Under this program, a competition is organized where the top five outstanding ideas receive 1 Lakh each. By facilitating the funds to distinct ideas, the college has established an entrepreneurial ecosystem. CGC Landran is a ticket  to those candidates who have wits of an engineer and skills of a leader.   

6. Global Exposure: The College is the best destination for those who aspire to study overseas. CGC, Landran has international tie-ups with numerous institutes from fifteen different countries. Till date, the college has sent about 497 students abroad who are well-established and living in full glory. The eminence of the college is attributed to fine tutelage and world-class opportunities. The eminence of Engineering discipline is widespread. Say it national, say it international, it gets easier for engineers to find jobs when they have studied in such a prestigious institute. 

7. Research and Innovation: Academic field thrives on research and innovation. By the same means, Engineering becomes an ever-escalating domain which invites the students to unveil new and modern technologies. At CGC Landran, the students are given full liberty to conduct researches and experiments so as to present novel ideas to the world. With this aspect, the symposiums of students and teachers have come up with innumerable ideas and that became the reason behind the college filing more than 200 patents and publishing a surfeit of research papers. Around 1100 research papers have also been published by are notable associates. CGC Landran has also won seventh rank all over Indian for filing about 30 patents in a single year!

8. National & International Partaking: The upcoming engineers at CGC Landran get a plethora of chances to prove their potential. The students have participated at national and international level competitions including CANSAT, USA, Young Chemists Committee, USA, Formula North Competition, Canada and many more. New and vibrant experiences get instilled into the students using which they create a more promising portfolio. The students of Mechanical Engineers get many opportunities to stand ahead of the crowd. All the chances and exciting offers which we bring to the table help the candidates in choosing CGC for B. Tech Mechanical engineering.

9. Strategic alliance: When we talk about engineering and notable firms of the domain, some notable names flash our minds including TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Godrej, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Redhat, Google, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft and many more. To your surprise, CGC has collaborated with a single one of the above-mentioned companies. This consortium benefits students the most as they get lucrative packages and world-class experience.

10. Student Achievements: Even before joining the workplace and taking up charge, the students can prove their worth; all they need is an adequate platform. CGC has become that provider. The college kindles the forthcoming engineers to be part of all the competitions. With this encouragement, some of the extraordinary minds have shown supremacy in the domain.  Engineering students of the college have bagged positions in different spheres such as Nationwide AWS Educate Challenge in Cloud computing, Make in India 2, National AICTE-ECI Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards and many more.


From awards and rankings to patents and research every aspect provides testimony to the distinction. At CGC Landran, it is believed that the best way to predict the future is to create it and that is the reason behind CGC staying the course. The college becomes the better option because it has well-versant teaching staff, furnished labs, classrooms and modern infrastructure. In addition to these provisions, it also promises a secure and successful future in many appealing ways.   Engineering becomes really exciting when you have taken the right decisions. Future is not in our control but our decisions can manipulate our future. With the above mentioned features, CGC Landran becomes one of the best engineering colleges in Chandigarh. The college has come up as one of the top engineering colleges especially for B.Tech Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Computer Engineering in North India. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the college nurtures the inquisitive minds to transform them into dignitaries of the engineering field. For all those who have completed their quest for success and those who wish to start the quest, CGC will always remain the best choice.