Which is better among computer science and mechanical engineering ?

Engineering is a discipline of great success, great scope and overall, a discipline of a great time! Within this discipline, there are multitudes of niches subsumed. But there are four niches which have managed to remain on the top shelf for some time and the best engineering colleges in India have always included them in their curriculum. These include Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, and Engineering in Information Technology. 

Different streams have different scope and that is why we should sort them accordingly. 

So, before actually concluding, make sure to take notes on how they are different from each other. Starting with comparing both: 

Computer Science Engineering: CSE is all about knowing the construction of computer programming. Under this niche, students are taught about building software, applications, websites, etc. After completing this degree, the students get to work as 

· Software Engineer

· Network Administrators

· Database Administrators

· Software Testers

· Developers

· Domain Consultants

· Design Engineers

· Solution Integrators

· Jr. Software Developer

· System Engineers

Mechanical Engineering: On the other hand, Mechanical Engineering is all about applying the postulates of Physics, Mathematics, to design and form mechanical systems. After completing this degree, the candidates can save different job spots in companies like Godrej, L&T, JSW, Jaypee Group, etc. 

Now, you cannot right away jump to a conclusion. You need to first keep your interests and the provisions of the degree together and see which one matches your interests, right? So, if you are tech-savvy and enjoy making new programs, you are clear to go with CSE but if you take particular interest in making heavy machinery, then it is Mechanical Engineering! 

Both degrees are good in their interesting way, only if pursued from the best engineering college in India. Now, CGC, Landran is one such college that has left no stone unturned to provide all the facilities to the students. So, whichever degree you choose, you can consider this college as an option. 

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