Which is the best B.Tech College in India?

Although India is brimming with a plethora of engineering colleges, there are few institutes that can be categorized as best engineering colleges. B.Tech is a sought-after degree of the time and hundreds and thousands of students wish to pursue them. They also appear in the JEE exams in order to save seats in the world-famous IITs, NIITs, etc.

Best B.Tech colleges in India can be narrowed down on the basis of the facilities they provide. Candidates must understand a thing that there are many other colleges except IITs which do fall in the aforementioned category. Since there are thousands of colleges in India and naming single one of them is not possible. So, just check if they have these following facilities and those having them can be categorized as one of the best B.Tech colleges in India.

These requirements include:

1.       Placements: The very first things for which the students get admission in the colleges include decent and highly remunerative jobs. Placements are the means through which the students can reach this point. The colleges which are renowned for their placement drives definitely come under this header. The more the  number of students placed, better the college.

2.       Industrial Training: Providing students with the gist and overview of industrial working is a must and everyone should be aware of it. Colleges which hold good repute and industrial partnerships make good institutes. Some of the colleges in India have industrial-academia interface and hence they have an edge over others.

3.       International Involvement: So, world is a global village. Everything is interconnected and new generation should know the nitty-gritty of this. Engineering is a degree which has great demand overseas. So, colleges have this feature to offer automatically cover a slot in the best engineering colleges. If the college has a record of taking part in international festivals or sports, then you know it is a good one.

4.       Awards and rankings: Prestigious agencies take the honour of awarding the best colleges across nation. Colleges having won various accolades and titles become better as the victories provide testimony to the excellence.

B.Tech is a degree which requires all of the above features. Students must search for colleges which fit these requirements. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran is one such engineering college which comes under this category as it provides all the aforesaid features and hence it can be chosen for pursuing B.Tech.

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