Graphic designing or web designing-which one is better?

Graphic Designing and web designing are very closely aligned. There is a tough competition when it comes to knowing which one is better. Some might think that web designing and graphic designing are almost the same but in actual, web designing includes a wider area of knowledge. Before telling which one is better, let’s first see what both are about.

Graphic Designing: Under the banner of graphic designing, the candidates learn to make execute the ideas with the help of art. The designs become the style statements for companies and hence, the graphic designer caters to this need of the company. The graphic designers make brochures, posters, charts, etc, are made by them. They do not work directly on the website.

Web Designing: The websites made today are tailored. They are made in sync with the company’s ideology, its themes, its business, etc. Also, the website designs need to be put online and so the designer needs to know coding, HTML, etc.

Comparing both of the streams, it gets clear that the work in both of these is quite similar. There is no basis of comparison as both are identical and there is only a slight difference.

If someone is interested in making graphic designing his or her career, he/she should choose a degree course which combines both of these niches. Fortunately, there is a degree called Bachelor of Graphic & Web Designing. Consequently, willing candidates can choose this degree and save the hassle of comparing both.

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