Which course is the best in engineering ?

The twenty-first century has witnessed an upsurge in the number of engineering colleges. The major reason behind it being so is the popularity and craze about this discipline among the students. As of now, there are so many engineering courses which kind of, make people baffled. This bafflement often brings a question into the minds of aspirants: “Which is the best engineering course?” Different people, different perspectives and different answers.

People vary and so do their interests. Therefore, the question should be rephrased. It should be ‘Which is the best Engineering course for me?’ instead of ‘Which is the best engineering course?’ One might love machines while another might love computer systems and it is quite obvious that the same question won’t do justice to both. So, here the person’s interests should be given top priority.

In the modern era, there are four streams which are forerunners in this discipline. These streams include CSE, ECE, ME and IT.

CSE stands for Computer Science Engineering in which the students are taught about the nitty-gritty of computer applications, programming, developing and designing. All the software related to computers and computer systems is developed by Computer Science Engineers.

ECE: It is known as electrical fields. To explain in layman language, it is more of a circuit making the thing. But to be precise (and professional), this degree is about the construction of electronic devices such as Mobile phones, satellites, computer hardware, pagers, TVs, etc.

ME: Mechanical Engineering is one broad domain which deals with the study of heavy machinery and its working. Under this head, the students also learn about automobile engineering. It is known as the mother of engineering.

Now that the details about each are known, the students need to consider juxtaposing their interests with the provisions of the degree. So, if you have taken a keen interest in machines, fixing automobiles, inventing new machines to uplift the human race then there is no hesitation in saying that Mechanical Engineering can be your cup of tea.

Likewise, if you are tantalized and amazed by the communication gadgets at the same time then you should know that ECE can become your haven. Those who enjoy making communication gadgets and gizmos can go for this degree. .

Let’s be honest. Computers are not much apprehended by everyone. There is a selected lot which takes a keen rather extended interest in computers. If you fall just right in then you know that CSE is the best for you.

The last one, Information Technology, is a vast field. It is dynamic, too. Information Technology is a sector which is rapidly developing. The IT sector has expanded manifolds in the recent past. It is all about designing, developing, managing and storing the entire computer-based information. If you need a stable and less tiring job in engineering then you should go for this field.

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