Options after B.Sc Non-Medical

B.Sc. Non-medical, a three year degree program which includes the subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. It is one such degree which can be chosen by those candidates who have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination in Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. It is one of the early courses which have been pursued by hundreds and thousands of the students. The reason behind so is its promising nature. The future scope appended to this degree is so voluminous that a lot of people go for it.

After completing this degree, the students can become Research Scientists, Scientific Assistants, Research analysts, Teachers, Technical writers/Editors, Lecturers, Chemists, Enumerators, Researchers, Clinical Research Managers and Consultants in various fields/organizations. It is quite beneficial to those who desire to join the academic forefront. All those who want to conduct further researches in the field of science can also pursue this degree.

The best part about this degree is that the candidates can also go for further studies. After B.Sc. Non medical, the candidates can also pursue M.Sc. Non medical and doctorate subsequently. The students can also go for MBA and get promising jobs.  

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